Outdrive trim sender

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Outdrive trim sender

Postby robing » Sat May 19, 2018 7:02 pm

Long long long story short, New 5.7efi,outdrive, transom.
Runs great.
From day 1 the trim gauge doesn't work. New trim gauge.
Old outdrive was 2 wire, New is 3 wire and connects into new harness on motor.
Tried calling the place that I got motor etc...no help. Spoke to Volvo Penta, nothing.
Tried checking ohm, but don't really know how. I have a tester though, and can confirm New gauge works though.
I know, I don't need a trim gauge, but it's there and when others drive my boat it's nice to tell them where to be etc
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Re: Outdrive trim sender

Postby gofast24 » Sun May 20, 2018 10:30 am

Keep calling the VP dealer that sold it to you and installed it ! Just goes to show dont pay for anything in full until the work has been satisfactory completed :(
For whatever you paid for it ($$$) you shouldn't have to be trying to figure out how to wire a 3 wire trim sender to a two wire connection (on the engine or the gauge at the helm?)

PS: What about the warranty you should have received with the new installation?
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Re: Outdrive trim sender

Postby ImRich » Wed May 23, 2018 9:44 am

I just replaced the trim sender on my '05 Volvo outdrives.

My old one was a 2 wire. If you have a three wire sender, you just leave one wire disconnected.

Perhaps they didn't connect the wires correctly, or not at all? There should be a connector near the rear of the engine that goes to the trim sender. You can find it there and check the wires.

The sender starts at 11 Ohms with the drive all the way down, then increases resistance as you raise the out drive.

If your sender is working, it should be an easy fix to get it wired to the correct two pins, the wires in the rubber boot can be moved if they connected the wrong two wires from the sender to the harness that feeds your gauge.
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