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Radar Arch Repair

Postby slostrombley » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:41 pm

1998 Regal Commodore 292. Looking for tips on repairing my aluminum radar arch. The bimini tie down strap came out of the bimini boot during a recent trailering. The metal clip from the strap was bouncing around on the arch causing small dimples in aluminum and causing some of the paint to chip off. Wondering what the best approach is to fix? Do I fill and paint, or sand and paint? Is it paint or gelcoat applied to aluminum? For either option, what would be the best products to use?

Ideally I would like to smooth it out, but if that is not an option, just applying some new paint would be a huge improvement.

Thank you.
1998 Regal Commodore 292 5.7GS DP-S1
1999 Regal Commodore 2660 7.4 Bravo III
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