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Tower Speakers

Postby Catch22 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:02 am

Hi All,

I have a 2016 regal 2500. I have a tower on the boat that has been pre-wired for 2 speakers. However, when I crawl under the console, I can only find 6 speaker wires into the Amp (2 in the bow and 4 in the cockpit/aft). I've also looked under the dash and still can only find 6 speaker wires. I have a Fusion MS-UD/AV 650. I'll hook up a tower speaker this weekend to see if it works. With all that I have two questions; 1) has anyone had the same experience with the wiring and if so, are the tower speaker wires spliced into the 6 wires I see? 2) Can the Amp provided can handle the additional two tower speakers?

I have attached a couple of pics...if they help.


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Re: Tower Speakers

Postby gofast24 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:31 am

The advertised 35 W RMS (70 max) for you Fusion unit isnt going to give you much SPL, especially if you have low efficiency speakers. I am in the process of replacing a double DIN Clairon head unit with a Fusion MS-RA-70 N unit. We have 2X JL Audio 7.7 coaxial speakers in the sides of the radar arch and two JBL two way 6.5" indoor/outdoor speakers hanging under the top of the arch (I can swivel them forward or aft using the included brackets) . The Clarion head units output is no way near providing serious sound levels. I installed a 4X 60 watt RMS JL full range amp for the 4X bridge deck speakers and a JL Audio 600 W RMS sub amp for the 12" sub I installed in the compartment on the bridge deck. I dont think you will be happy if you like some higher SPL level sounds by just using the head units tiny low power speaker level outputs! Let us know how you proceed and what you find out using the head units speaker level outputs!
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