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28 Express House Battery

Postby irish86 » Sat May 12, 2018 9:31 am

Having an issue with my house battery. Here's a sequence of events and what I have done to troubleshoot:

- Took possession in Oct 2017; batteries are less than 1 year old
- Boat was on shore power for about two weeks prior to launch, no problems using any of the 12V or 120V items
- On the day of launch, I had been off of shore power for about 18 hours; helm station would not turn on but the engine would turn over fine
- While the engine was idling, we roped over to a pier and reconnected to shore power. After 10 min or so house circuits came back to life. So motored over to the slip but while doing so, whenever I activated the bow thruster, received a low voltage alarm (not unexpected since only gave the battery 20-30 min to recharge)
- Reconnected to shore power - all looked fine.
- Came back in a week and when I turned off shore power, lost house power again

- Checked voltage of house battery while on shore power 12.7V Engine battery at 14.6V
- Pulled the house battery and checked levels in the cells - appear fine
- No alarms on the charger

Wondering if the small charge I received day of launch was from the alternator vs charger?
Could my battery voltage be at 12.7V and still not have a full charge?

Batteries are Deka 27M6 for house and 24M7 for engine

Not sure where to look next other than taking battery out and having it load tested (no problem doing other than heavy and awkward)

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 28 Express House Battery

Postby Rpontual » Sat May 12, 2018 10:07 am

The first time the issue came up was after you left the boat disconnected from shore power to about 18 hours. You already confirmed the electrolyte level.

My next step would be to search for any power load. The battery may be ok, just drained by refrigerators, radios, etc.

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Re: 28 Express House Battery

Postby gofast24 » Sat May 12, 2018 10:12 am

Sound like a failed house battery, not sure if your engines alternators actually charge your house battery or not, I am still wondering this my self. Need to check house battery voltage with engines off and then start propulsion engines and see if voltage goes up or not. Not sure what type batteries you have (flooded wet cells, AGM, etc.) but when we bought our boat the house battery was a flooded (wet cell) and totally cooked out all the electrolyte that had fortunately spilled into the group 8D battery box. I switched every battery over to AGM and no problems since 2015) . Remember if you switch battery types you have to change the house battery charger from wet cell to AGM or visa versa!

Just a note = We have had our refrigerator running for about 5 days off the group 8D AGM house battery (not on shore power) and it was only about 20% discharged when discovering we forgot to turn on the shore power breakers. I installed a Blue Seas OLED battery voltage meter at the helm so we could monitor the house battery level, we dont let it get below 12.4 VDC which is approximately a 50% discharged condition, anything below 12.4 VDC is shortening the life of the big expensive group 8D AGM house battery!
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