Rebuilding service for these Mercruiser RW pumps

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Rebuilding service for these Mercruiser RW pumps

Postby Bt Doctur » Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:50 pm

Will rebuild with new bearings and seals
$175.00 includes shipping,

rebuilds of the front housing only, no exchanges as of yet, the blue plugs can be included but impellers should not be installed if the unit will be sitting a long time, they take a set but I can supply the impeller for an additional $22.00
Pulley R/R not an issue
Rear housing are best restored using a gentle hand with wet/dry sandpaper and oil with the sandpaper glued to a plate of glass.You can attempt it or it will be extra. Not hard to do correctly.
Depending on the post office return ship W/ tracking as med flat priority no more than 7 days after I receive it

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