32 Express cabin heat not working

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32 Express cabin heat not working

Postby superchuck500 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:42 pm

It's a 2015 32 Express - the system is running, but no air flow at the duct. But I'm not getting an error code, and any issues in the past with this unit, I got a code. I'm in SC so there hasn't been much need for heat at all until very recently and I suspect that it simply hasn't been heating at all this season. The thermostat shows that it's on heat mode and auto fan . . . but the cabin temp is low 40s, pretty much ambient.

My suspicion is the reversing valve, I just noticed in my manual that you're supposed to run the heat for a few seconds every month to keep the reversing valve operational - but I haven't been doing that.

Anyone have experience with the unit running with no error code, but not getting heat?

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Re: 32 Express cabin heat not working

Postby Chris_in_Texas » Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:43 pm

If there is no air flow then its not the reversing valve. If the valve is "stuck" then you will have AC instead of heat. Also every time you power cycle the unit it will reverse the valve during the power up phase. So as long as you power it up once a month you are good.

If you can't get the fan to run there is some sort of controller issue. Keep in mind that the unit, by default is in reverse air flow mode(P-12). That is if its really cold, it will be at a speed setting of 1 to get the hottest air out of the ducts, and as it gets closer to the set point will increase the fan speed.

However I would check to see what is wrong, as to why the fan isn't running. That should be running anytime that the unit itself is running. The only two settings are continuous and cycle for the fan.(Press and hold fan button for 5 secs either CYC or con while running) Also make sure that the unit isn't set for electric heat (P-13).

If you have the manual for the Elite Controller make sure that the settings are correct. If not search for "L-2230 elite for DX" and look at the default settings on page 12 and compare to yours. The defaults are a good place to start and should make the system work correctly. This assumes you have the MarineAir Vector Turbo unit with the Elite controller.
Thanks, Chris

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Re: 32 Express cabin heat not working

Postby superchuck500 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 4:59 pm

Thanks Chris - I’ll see what I can figure out based on that advice.
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Re: 32 Express cabin heat not working

Postby gofast24 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:32 am

Advice from Marine Air web site = If you dont get heat while in the heat mode slightly smack the reverse valve with the end of a plastic screw driver? We are loosing both our heat and air con efficiency on our fwd unit. I believe the refrigerant is low as it is only marginally efficient in either mode. Anyway, I agree with Chris, if the blower doesn't run there is most likely a problem with the unit mounted controller (or something as simple as a tripped breaker) . I replaced the control module about 3 years ago, the symptom was the blower never shut off unless I turned off the breaker to the fwd, unit. Replacing the unit mounted module (about $220 for the board) resolved the blower on continuous but within the last year the unit doesn't really cool or heat like the aft unit. As there are no service valves on the unit have to wonder what the cost to recharge the refrigerant or worse yet replace the whole unit? $$
Also of interest, when we bought the boat both breakers would intermittently trip. After locating the compressor name plate data on each of our units the recomended breaker size was 20 amps, Regal installed 15 amp breakers! Changed to 20 amp breakers and no problems since then.
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