Fresh water piping leak

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Re: Fresh water piping leak

Postby gofast24 » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:54 pm

Ken , good idea to take her for a spin (and run the gen set) , get both up to "FULL" operating temperature, just dont do what a few of our slip mates do, start and run the engines for a few minutes then shut them off! That wont cook off any moisture that may be in the engines oil and possibly allow any water in the oil to condense into H2SO4 and erode the shell bearings etc. Most modern engine oils have a TBN (total base number) additive (like "Tums" for stomach acid ) which will neutralize any acidic content up to a point, after that the oil will start to erode the aluminum bearings, pistons skirts, etc.
My oldest son is on Piercy Priest lake near Nashville and he found out last year that all season wet docked boats have to be pulled, hull pressure washed, due to what ever likes fiberglass boat bottoms being in the water all year long? Lake Lanier is pretty clean, hardly anything on our hull even after 4 years in the lake.
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