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Re: Manual Hatch opening

Postby Chris_in_Texas » Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:36 pm

Regal normally puts the remote terminals on the boat already outside the engine room. Small white cover with the posts underneath. :mrgreen: Sometimes they hide the port, other times its out in the open.
Thanks, Chris

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Re: Manual Hatch opening

Postby gofast24 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:06 pm

PipeDreams wrote:Yes I had a survey done, and the hatch was working properly. I found the block and tackle later, in a storage compartment, and determined just what it was used for. Maybe the PO killed the batteries out on the water sometime, and determined later, a brute force fix. One can purchase from auto supply stores, or Amazon, remote battery terminals which could be mounted and wired to provide for emergency power to the house battery, in order to operate the hatch. :D

So, what did you end up finding was the problem, the batteries or the hatch power lift cylinder? Just FYI, on our vessel we have a small man hatch under the aft helm deck seat facing aft that after removing the seat cushion we can just manually open the small hatch, clime down a couple of steps, and be in the engine room. Once there, can do almost anything other than removing the Group 8D house battery, changing out that battery is a whole different story:)
Let us know what you ended up doing!

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