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Grounding question

Postby diverdude » Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:06 pm

1996 regale leisure cat 26 with a mercury 225 on the back aka Tower of Power!

first off i know all 12v (-) grounds should be tied together. but...
if i dont run a jumper ground from battery 1 over to batter 2 then when trying to start or even trim the motor up/down it does not go as fast as it should and is struggling for a better ground. as soon as i ground both batteries together the speed picks right up and everything works like it should.

now my issue is i had both batteries tied in on the negatives and was running off to both batteries for power and when i went to fire it up the starter barely spun and did not engage the Bendix as well as being slow to trim up/down. i dont know why but i had to switch to 1 battery and take off the negative jumper wire and then she turned over with full power.

so far i have switched battery 1 and 2 wires and no matter what its still the negative that runs up to the negative buss bar by the helm. i traced the wire up to the buss bar and made sure it was a good ground. i even ran a jumper wire up from the negative on the battery up to the buss bar to rule out it being a break in the wire.

Im trying to figure out how the negative from the buss bar comes back to ground on the motor?
as soon as i run a jumper wire from the negative on the battery that goes to the buss bar to the motor it has full power.

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