Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

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Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby wheat » Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:13 am


I am in the market for a new half ton truck to tow my 2665. Does anyone have a Ram Eco Diesel? If so, are you happy with it and what are you towing?
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Re: Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby cordale » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:11 pm

My buddy has a 1/2 ton GMC and pulls his 280 Searay probably 45 miles with no issues. I'm sure the Eco Diesel would do great or maybe even the F150 ecoboost might work.

I'd love to have a new truck, but it's hard to swallow $50k for a 1/2 pickup.
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Re: Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby On Holiday » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:22 pm

I have a Ram with a 5.9L Cummins and it tows my 2400 with ease. No experience with the eco diesel.
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Re: Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby tlc118 » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:26 am

Just replaced my '08 Ram with a '15 Ram yesterday.
I don't drive enough to justify the extra cost of the eco-diesel.
Specs show it has 5 more ft/lbs of torque than the hemi.
Just make sure you get the 3.92 gears or you go from 10,000lbs to 8,000lbs towing capacity.
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Re: Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby cbsmith » Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:20 am

I have a 2014 Ram 1500. The Hemi will tow more weight in reality as the Ram 1500s are very limited in payload capacity and the EcoDiesel is heavier than the Hemi.

Take a look at the sticker on the inside of the drivers door, it will show the available payload for that exact truck. Depending on trim level it can vary quite drastically from what is published on the Ram website. For instance my truck, an Outdoorsman, is listed on the Ram website as having around 1450lbs payload but the door sticker says 1081lbs. From that 1081lbs I have to take the weight of all the passengers in the truck plus anything I put in the truck and any equipment I added to the truck. The remaining weight is available for tongue weight of the trailer.

Ram lists a 10,000lb towing capacity but in reality unless you exceed the GVWR, assuming a 10% tongue weight and a couple of adults in the truck and you are limited to about 7500lbs. Add a couple kids and it could be 6000lbs or lower. As you go up in trim levels or to the Eco Diesel this number gets even lower as the weight of the truck increase but the GVWR does not. I have heard of people with Laramie Long Horns that have a payload capacity of less than 900lbs, almost useless for towing.

Lots of people will exceed the GVWR as it is very easy to do but there can be varying implications of doing this if you are involved in an accident.

This also applies to most other brands of trucks. The website will list a much higher payload than is available as they use a base model truck with no options to calculate it. Looking at the door sticker is the only way to get an exact number.
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Re: Dodge Ram 1500 Eco Diesel

Postby GoVols » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:13 am

You should check out Nissan's all new Titan XD that's launching in November. It comes with a 5 liter Cummins V8 diesel. I've seen the new truck in testing and they're very nice looking!
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