New To Regal Boats are trailers included with package

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New To Regal Boats are trailers included with package

Postby justAjarhead » Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:01 am

ALl Boats I bought before came with a trailer. I am looking to purchase a 19 Surf this season and I am wondering if trailer is included?

If not I am sure dealer can set me up and I expect a tandem axxle rig to deal with the Forward prop at a cost of $200-$2500 in my area. I had a Vantage POS trailer on my last inboard and will never go that route so I will need research on decen tandem axlse trailer built in midwest near Chicago area within 200 smiles.

Any suggestions?
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Re: New To Regal Boats are trailers included with package

Postby Chris_in_Texas » Wed Jan 31, 2018 6:27 pm

Normally the local dealers handle the trailers themselves, and Regal doesn't supply a trailer from what I have seen. I could be wrong now a days, but around here that is the way it works. They will contract out with local manufacturer to supply the cheapest that they can find. Depending on the dealer if its a model that they already have in stock there is a trailer "included" normally in the overall price. If the dealer will work with you to not purchase their trailer and let you get your own you might be able to go that route. It really comes down to how flexible they are willing to be.

Just something to note that the trailer will be all setup for your specific boat as part of "prep" where as a 3rd party trailer you will need all the dimensions to give to the trailer guys to get it setup correctly. My previous bow-rider had a "custom" trailer for it, made locally but specifically for the boat in that all bunks etc were welded specifically for that particular boat, so there was zero adjustments, now the boat and the trailer weighed in more than the GVWR of the trailer itself, when I questioned the trailer manufacture they said that is the way the dealer orders them, and its not their problem. I actually went back to them and had them install the 2nd set of disc brakes a belly mount spare tire carrier. I had a spindle/hub shatter on that trailer and had to limp to them on three wheels at one point. It was a steel trailer, and I said I would never purchase another one, and I would get an aluminum I-beam trailer, much lighter and if I take them to salt water it would actually fall apart in a few years. Well I went and got a pair of PWC's and ended back with another steel trailer again... :shock: Hate it, but it was so cheap compared to doing a purchase separately, as that line item doesn't take much off the overall price as they work some of it into the boat pricing.

Look around and see who will sell what, many trailer manufactures aren't setup for direct sales and have to go through dealers (ie markup) so when you look around and talk with them check to see if they will sell direct. When you get into the fully custom guys its amazing to see some of the work, where its a normal boat trailer with the PWC's either in front of the boat or on top of them that lowers into the water. Its really crazy some of the things that they do. Most standard trailers for a 19' boat will be universal so they are not welded on bunks and bow stop etc and allow you to move them around.
Thanks, Chris

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Re: New To Regal Boats are trailers included with package

Postby On Holiday » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:58 pm

My boat came with a custom welded bunk trailer. I was looking at a new boat years ago and the trailer would be a separate transaction than the boat. If you purchase the trailer separately you can save some dealer mark-up. The approach may be to purchase a stock trailer set-up closely to your boat, have the boat dealer place the boat onto the trailer and then have the trailer shop make the final adjustments.
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