Considering a 277xl

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Considering a 277xl

Postby Bowler » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:32 am

Hi all,

One of the has come up locally. Well, in England and I am in Ireland... I have been looking at cruisers in the 30ft region. This ticks quite a few boxes. Nice layout below and plenty of sleeping space. Before I contact the seller I thought I would ask the experts for their thoughts.

What is the build quality like on these boats? I assume stringers and a good deal of the internal structure are wood. Any areas prone to rot? Electrical systems known to fail? I know it's an old boat and maintenance is everything but are there particular weaknesses?

It seems to have been repowered with a merc 1.7 diesel on (I assume) an alpha 1. The engine is rated at 120 and this seems well underpowered. What are the chances of this thing getting onto the plane? Slim to none I assume.

What is the weight of the boat? I tried to download the manual from this site but the link was dead. Ideally, I could put it on a trailer and tow it back behind the 4x4 but I reckon it would be close to legal limits in the UK.

I know a survey is a must. Just looking for a few bits of info before I contact the seller. The link is below. I could probably have this for half the price in the US but that's the way boats are over here!! I plan to use it inland as a weekender/second boat (the other vessel is a air nautique) with the odd jolt along the coast. How is the seakeeping?

Sorry for all the questions. Looking forward to your thoughts.


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Re: Considering a 277xl

Postby crazy charlie » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:12 am

very good hull and boat overall.Approx 7700 lbs.Dont know anything about that motor.Never heard of it.That boat is typically rigged with Mercruiser dual 3.7 4cyl 188hp each or dual 230 hp v8s which is what I have and prefer.Both are paired with alpha one drives.Quite a large boat to trailer especially since it has 10 ft beam.That particular one has had a bunch of custom/owner customizations/fabrications done in the cabin.Highly recommend the boat in general .....not sure about that particular one though.Charlie
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