jeanneau leader 33 vs Regal 35 Coupe

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jeanneau leader 33 vs Regal 35 Coupe

Postby Kel » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:59 am

I just got back from the Chicago Boat show. Always thinking of moving up - I looked at the Regal 35 Coupe and while not at the show really like the Jeanneau Leader 33 or even 36.
Basa Marine had a 2018 Regal 35 Coup with a boat show price of $319k - but I don't remember all the options.

I really don't know that much about Jeanneau Leader but I really like their new Leader 33 though smaller than Regal 35 (34'7" vs 36'10" length and 10'10" vs 11"4" beam) - Spring Brook Marina in the Chicago area is the Jeanneau dealer and they have had a long time presence in the area and seem to provide quality service. My brother bought a boat from them in 1992.

I just don't know how reliable or well built the Jeanneau leader line is - the design of the Leader 33 is very innovative and I really like the design and layout.

I can either boat on the Mississippi or a big reservoir lake (big for iowa) where I am right now - either way I am about 50 miles away so I need weekend accommodations and whenever more than one person is aboard my 2665 is pretty cramped quarters.

Other perspectives on the subject are welcome. I always think what would a marine surveyor say about either one after a number of years of operation.
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Re: jeanneau leader 33 vs Regal 35 Coupe

Postby Rpontual » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:07 am

I have a Regal 35 diesel fully loaded. The Jeanneau leader 33 feature that strikes as great to me is the ability to create a copilot seat.

The Regal 35SC has amenities of a yacht, two AC units, two TVs, good sound system, smokeless BBQ, forward and aft subpar, etc. But we really miss a co-pilot seat, I would not purchase another cruiser without a place for spouse or guests to see where we are going.

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