3880 repeating audio alarm while cruising

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3880 repeating audio alarm while cruising

Postby 62_lemans » Fri Jun 30, 2017 1:23 pm


Apologies if I'm going about this incorrectly, first post to the forum.

Just picked up a '04 3880 in need of a bit of help. I've owned boats for awhile, nothing this big or with so many systems.

On the first trip out, after about an hour or so and slowing for a couple of no wake zones, starting getting an audio alarm, two beeps. This repeats every 5 minutes or so. Sounds like when first starting the boat. Did check the budge as I've read on hear it could be a high water indication, but they are dry. My ski boat as something similar when the oil pressure in the v-drive is low, but that doesn't seem likely as the fluid level is normal. On one WOT take off, the alarm came on about 4000 RPM and stayed on, so backed off and the alarm stopped. No indicator lights on, oil pressure and temp on the engines are normal, not sure where to start.

Any direction on where to start would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: 3880 repeating audio alarm while cruising

Postby Digginit » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:14 pm

Had similar issue. I'd just bought a 1987 360 Commodore. The shifting controls were extremely touchy.
Something I learned the hard way, They were original to the boat so over 30- years old. First time it happened was leaving the marina where I'd bought the boat. Stopped at the fuel dock to fill up and even though the engines
were shut down this God awful screaming alarm came on that would not stop no matter what.
You've got a newer boat so possibly that alarm has a different sound.

Because I was holding up the gas dock and the harbor master was getting annoyed I reached under the control
panel, felt a small round "bell" similar to what you had as a kid on your bike. A bike "bell" best
way to describe it. Since I could not get up into the area to see anything, and by now had attracted
the attention of about a million people (it always seems like that many people are watching you when
you're stressing out at a dock or marina, kind of like docking in a high wind) I could feel the
vibration with my hand. The alarm was so loud that small "bell" was vibrating like Brookstone Message Chair.

I yanked it out. Just pulled the 'd thing right out. The alarm immediately stopped.

Even though both engines were shut down as I was fueling up the alarm sensor was detecting that one or
both of the controls was not in neutral. Another sign that it was the controls was when starting
the boat it would not turn over. Because it sensed it wasn't quite in neutral.
I had to gently play with the control arm while trying to start her up, a bit awkward
to do turning the key AND playing with the control but once I hit neutral she
started right up.

It can happen if your underway too if you open her up then pull back to slow speed and accidentally hit
neutral on the way down. You did say you were slowing for no wake zones.
My controls for forward, reverse and neutral had no definitive "click" or
indication what gear I was in.. it was a silky smooth movement (bad) from
the down position (reverse) through the middle position (neutral)
right to the top (forward). The control assembly was just worn out in my case.
Also, once again finding out the hard way simply brushing up against the controls
while docked will move them just enough to knock them out of neutral.
For me it was leaning over them to put my front canvas down. I'd hit them
every time.

I don't know if that's what you are experiencing but just thought I'd share. It was the same with me, no
indicator lights to show a problem anywhere else.. if I hadn't just ripped the thing out (bell) at the
gas dock I never would have figured it out. Replaced my controls solved the problem.

Worth a shot to take a look at yours since it's an easy thing to do..it may be as simple as the
wiring to that alarm. Mine was located directly under the control
switches to the left of the steaming wheel. Good luck..
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Re: 3880 repeating audio alarm while cruising

Postby ChesapeakeLover » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:46 pm

I have same boat. 3880....
There is an indication panel under helm to the starboard. Indicator light should illuminate on the given audible alarm. Given your description my first thought is lack of sea water flow. Check that light and check your impellers. Keep us posted.
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Re: 3880 repeating audio alarm while cruising

Postby Seven » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:57 am

Had exact same issue this summer, I have a 2002. Sea strainer was clean and water pumps were new. I had to call the mechanic to put the diagnostic computer on it. It ended up being the water flow sensor indicated by the computer code.

You can google search the indicator beeps. There are different sequences for different issues but they are somewhat generic which is why I called the mechanic to pull the codes.
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