Regal 2760 Commodore 1998 Battery Count and Size

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Regal 2760 Commodore 1998 Battery Count and Size

Postby kriscaskey » Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:57 am

I have not drove my boat in a while and new I needed to change the batteries. While reviewing the batteries to determine what I needed to get I noticed that the boat has 3 Group 24 / 1000 Cranking batteries on it, this does not seem as though it could be correct. I have a switch for 1-2-All and three cranking batteries with no dual purpose or deep cycle batteries. Two batteries are located on the port side and one is located on the starboard side of the boat. What should be the correct configuration and battery set up for this boat? I assume it had been changed out at some time and possibly with incorrect batteries for the boat. Thanks!
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Re: Regal 2760 Commodore 1998 Battery Count and Size

Postby Chris_in_Texas » Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:08 pm

That is all I had originally in my 2007 3060. Three small batteries split into two banks, no house bank, one for each engine start. Two were in parallel and used for the "house" battery as well as the starting battery for one of the engines. I would at least use group 27, or even 31 if you can, really depends on how much time you spend on the water without AC power.

Ideally based on the info below with the 1/2/all switch I assume a single engine model? If so basically you use the single battery for starting and then once you are at your location and engine shutdown switch to the parallel bank for the house. Ideally the "house"bank that you have I would switch the two parallel batteries with two 6 volt golf cart deep cycle batteries and use that for your house system. The reason is that its better to series the two batteries than parallel them. In the parallel mode if one battery goes bad it typically will take the other one with it, where as if you have two in series and one goes bad, then the other will be just fine and you only have replace one of them.
Thanks, Chris

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