2003 Regal 2860 Commodore deck refrigerator REPLACEMENT

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2003 Regal 2860 Commodore deck refrigerator REPLACEMENT

Postby Alan B » Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:08 am

On this 2860 there are 2 refrigerators , Cabin / deck
Find for my use refrigerator on deck is only used for storage of cans of soda. I keep a cooler on swim platform . Platform is quite wide . Cooler lot colder, doubles as a seat for me while fishing.
Deck refrigerator stopped working . Other day removed . Was a rust bucket, falling apart in my hands . Power too unit tested alive .
What really upset me was how Regal did not protect the floor that refrigerator sat on . This area is combo unit sink only cold water too faucet and wash down that had hot / cold . Hose going too cold faucet had a slight leak , which caused refrigerator too rust , but it ran down hitting floor .
Floor was only a sheet of white plastic which covered a sheet of plywood . NO FIBERGLASS ???
Area was bit larger then base of refrigerator and only a support for refrigerator .
Cold water hand sink had a leak at fitting . Hose clamp . This would answer why my water pump would run/ off often . Could never find , but once I tightened filter at pump improved and my thinking was no accumulator tank and it lost pressure since it was lot better . I did search but could not locate ,
Pulled out roto zip and cut out floor . Doing so I now have access too generator . Prior too this preforming any work on generator challenging . I now have access too entire generator . So I guess removing refrigerator cutting floor was a good thing .
Decided not too replace refrigerator . Boat outfitters can build me a exact fit apx size 22 h 16 w 18 deep bit more then a refrigerator , Will be star board, have 2 draws with a sepeate draw too hold plastic tackle boxes . Will be finished too cover cut out and be part of deck .
I can easily remove too work on generator .
Alan B
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