4260 Stereo upgrade, subwoofer location question

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4260 Stereo upgrade, subwoofer location question

Postby Lancerpilot » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:51 am

This upgrade has been a long time coming. Now, with the larger issues handled, it's finally time. I'm replacing the 6x9's with JL Audio M series 7.7 component speakers. I'm an audiophile, so sound quality is a must or its like nails on a chalk board to me. To be honest, I almost went with Hertz because they build an exceptional speaker, but I was sold on the JL's reputation for the marine environment longevity. I chose the component speaker because of the poor factory location of the OEM 6x9's. The 6x9's are located right at someone ear if they are sitting at the dinette table or the rear facing bench in the cockpit. This always bothered me because to those passengers, any volume at all made the sound unbearable at decent volume levels while cruising. The components will allow me to place the tweeter at a higher lever above the heads of our passengers. Creating a better, fuller sound field. thats comfortable for everyone on board.

The problem is the size of the 6X9 holes. I had a local car audio company with a CNC machine, cut me a plate of plexiglass to my speaker specs, and large enough to fill the existing hole. I just picked up the spacers, and I'm including pictures of them. I've reached out to JL to try and find an over the counter paint to match that of the speaker color to blend it in as best as possible.

Subwoofer placement is my biggest challenge. I see that others have mounted a sub in the helm seat firing backwards. My question is does that cause the front side compartment door to vibrate, and what's the fix when it does?

I'm also considering mounting the sub in front of the helm seat, to the STRBD side below the Air Conditioning vent. Has anyone tried this? It seems to be the most solid mounting option, but the major question is, what's behind that wall? Talk about a terrifying thought. Regal suggested that I had the space, but to be cautious of "possible" wiring. Has anyone else tried this?
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Re: 4260 Stereo upgrade, subwoofer location question

Postby ImRich » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:50 am

I don't have the same boat so the details are different, but I updated my sounded system and it's now much better.

I agree with the poor placement of speakers near a person's ears. On my boat they were in the arch. I added other speakers, and turned down the arch speakers to help keep from blowing ear drums!

I suggest you go with a sealed sub. I need to change to one on my boat. At good sound levels, almost all the fiberglass vibrates! You can hear the bass in the water as I think the hull is vibrating too! The hatches aren't much of a problem as I think they are already sealed with rubber gaskets to hold them from engine vibrations. Honestly the floor of the cabinet where the sub is located vibrates enough to bounce light things in there! I'm going to switch to a sealed sub and add the required enclosure behind it in the cabinet.

As to brand, I had some existing JL also, and was going to add more, but my dealer (that sells both brands) talked me out of the JLs and sold me Alpine for about half the cost of the JLs. They sound amazing, but I'm sure you will love the JLs too!

People are amazed by the sound on my boat, even when they have a "great system" on their boat, they ask what I've done.

I still want to change a couple of things (change to the sealed sub and more forward firing speakers), but I have limited room to add more speakers.
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