NEEDED: Rocker Switch Panels for 2007 Regal 2400

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NEEDED: Rocker Switch Panels for 2007 Regal 2400

Postby decb55 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:56 pm

Good Day fellow Regal owners. I'm new to this forum as I recently purchased a 2007 Regal 2400 in need of some work. It's in fairly good shape but desperately needs new rocker panels that mount to either side of the steering wheel column (with or without the rocker switches). The local Regal dealer is trying to find these for me but isn't getting a lot of cooperation from the factory as these parts are no longer commonly available. They're trying, however, to see if the original company who sourced these to Regal can either produce a set or happens to have some NOS (new old stock) available. While I'm hopeful I'm really not counting on this "discovery" happening. Realistically, I'm hoping that someone out there knows where I can purchase a nice used set (even if they need refinishing) or knows a dealer or marina who might have a right and left side set of these faux burl wood panels. Any help that anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance, for that help. Take care and God bless all...

Thanks for the replies everyone. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that the faux burl wood rocker switch panels are curved and very specific to the dashboard. If they were just simply flat panels I would have no trouble finding replacements. Of course, as is the case with many boat manufacturers, the needed parts are brand and model specific. I do, however, appreciate everyone's input. In the meantime I'll continue to try to find either new rocker switch panels or good used ones. I would even be interested in the same panels from a 2008, 2009, or 2010 model. Those panels are a simple painted silver finish but they're the same basic panel. Take care and God bless.

I have a follow up to everyone on this issue. I found a company who is actually located fairly close to where I live in western Michigan that refinishes all types of plastic panels to look just like the factory original finish, or they can apply any finish that you desire. In fact, the owner of the business used to work for a company who applied the finish to all the Bayliner dash panels so after he'd worked for them for several years he purchased the necessary equipment and decided to start his own business applying the same process to parts for individual customers. I tried to attach "before and after pictures" so as to demonstrate what the finished product looks like but the files are too large to load unfortunately. I must admit, though, that seeing is believing and my worn out rocker switch panels are now stunningly gorgeous. In fact, I was shocked when I picked them up and I couldn't believe that those were my original panels but I knew that they were. I must admit that I didn't know this process was available.

Actually, the main business for Mike, the owner, is custom cars and hot rods. I told him that there was an untapped market out there for this process for older boats that have been in the sun for many years because that sun fades dash panel finishes over time. I also mentioned that if he advertised his process on eBay he'd probably end up with more business than he could handle, which he agreed and this is why he chooses not to do that. In any case, the name of Mike's business is VC Finishes, LLC and his shop number is (616) 374-8864. You can also get more information by going to his website, which is:

Finally, I would suggest that anyone out there, whether a Regal owner or not, who's having sun-fade issues with their plastic trim parts give Mike a call or contact him via his website. For the record, I do not get anything out of recommending him and I have no ownership or connection to the business. I just want other Regal owners to know about this because I found out very quickly that parts are scarce for any Regal over 7 years old. Apparently Regal, and most other boat companies, figure that after 7 years it't time for the boat owner to "upgrade" and support for those boats falls by the wayside. This is quite disappointing to me because I've tried to get other parts for my 2007 Regal 2400 and I'm told the same thing from my local dealership every time, which is "those parts are no longer available", but we'll reach out to Regal in Orlando and see if they can be "specially ordered" for you. Whenever a marine dealership tells you that they can "special order" a part you'd better hang on to your wallet! Good luck out there; take care and God bless.


Dave Burzynski
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Re: NEEDED: Rocker Panels for 2007 Regal 2400

Postby steve & dot » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:38 am

There was a previous post "Dash coming apart", some guys listed sources for custom made panels. I think curved panels were a problem but flats easy. Check out those posts.
Good Luck.
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Re: NEEDED: Rocker Panels for 2007 Regal 2400

Postby catalina_mike » Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:13 pm

I am in the process of installing a panel in my Albin from . If you are flat there are a bunch of options.
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