For Sale - Sealand/Dometic 385311423 12V Motor Conv.

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For Sale - Sealand/Dometic 385311423 12V Motor Conv.

Postby marand3 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:38 am

Thought my vacuum head motors went on my 2005 Regal 3860 boat but they were just clogged. Both heads are working fine so I decided to sell the in box replacement motors and updated bellows. Total Package 2 replacement motors and 4 sets of 385310076. with 2 motor kits and shipping $ 650.00

Sealand/Dometic 385311423 12 Volt Motor Conversion Kit.
Standard and Low-Profile vacuum generator models combine a vacuum tank and S-series Vacuum pump-all to save space and simplify installation. The Low-Profile Vacuum Generator stands less than 8 inches (203mm) high for even greater application versatility.

All S-series and T-series pumps are now converted to the new W motor. When using the W motor as a replacement for older motors, the bellows must be replaced. If a new W motor is used with the older bellows design, the diameter of the old bellows plays a big factor in producing a pump knocking noise. To avoid this, it is necessary to use the complete W motor kit for all S and Q motor replacements.

The new whisper W motor kit includes: a W motor, eccentric, o-rings, shoulder bolt, bellows and two bellows clamps. The W motor kit numbers are:

385310076 1.5" DUCKBILL VALVE KIT (PACK OF 2) 4 Total required. These 1.5" in-line check valves should be replaced every two-three years, or more frequently depending on frequency of usage. These duck bill valves will work on both S-pumps (vacuum) and T-pumps (discharge). Two sets are required for the S-Series pump and the vacuum generators listed below, while one set is required for the T-series pumps. These also fit the following vacuum generators: VGII, VGIII LP.
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