New England Boat Show 2014

New England Boat Show 2014

Postby ImRich » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:45 am

Seems like there is little action in this forum. ;) Even though it's cold and snowy, some of us are thinking of spring thaw!

FYI, anyone going to the New England Boat show in Boston.

One thing that few seem to know about hte cost of the tickets: the boat show tickets $15.00 include the price of a magazine subscription.

It takes a few minutes, but you can ask for 'opting out' of this and get a $7.00 per ticket rebate. They hand you a post card to fill out and give to them.

At least they now mention it on their website (previously you had to ask for it at the informaiton counter, the ticket booths never told you of this option)

Your ticket purchase includes a one-year subscription to Boating (10 issues), Outdoor Life (12 issues), Cruising World (12 issues), Islands (8 issues), or Flying, all valued at $7.00. A postcard with refund information will follow. there are no hidden obligations and you will not receive any bills. Your name, mailing address and email address will be forwarded to the publisher for the purpose of fulfilling your magazine subscription. Please allow 6-8 weeks for your first issue to arrive.

I've done this in the past and I did receive my rebate several weeks later.

On a hunch (and being a member), I entered BOATUS to the PROMO CODE field and got a $2.25 discount per ticket on their website. Does anyone know of a better promo code?

Another note to save on the entrance fees: If you are shopping for a new boat from a local dealer, call and ask your sales contact for free boat show tickets. Often they will put you on their list of VIPs and you can get into the show as their 'guest'.
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