Questions on water in engine bilge and gauge for graywater

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Questions on water in engine bilge and gauge for graywater

Postby Lac » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:31 am

Hi all,

I bought the new 2017 Regal 26 Express when it was introduced and of 2016. Besides a whole bunch of problems I have still two annoying items that make me curious and I would like to hear your opinion.

In the bilge of the engine, I have always a puddle of water. It remains pretty much on the same level and returns when cleaned up. It also has a n clear oily film on it. Its not enough that it is a threat or triggers the bilge pump. However, I expected that a new boat would have a dry engine bilge. ALso, since this water is sitting in the hull, what are the effects on the hull itself over time?

The second questions is regarding the gray water tank gauge / sensor. I‘m using my boat on the lakes in Switzerland and gray water tanks are mandatory. In the first few Weeks the combined gauge showed the deacreasing level in the fresh water tank while on the same time in increase in the gray water tank. Then the sensor in the gray water tank malfunctioned and was replaced with another one (certiefied Regal dealer). This one is jumping from empty to a quarter when the gray water tank is half full (while steady in the water). In general, for those of you using also a gray water tank how is your sensor gauge bevaving? Is this a common issue with Regal and Sensors?

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Re: Questions on water in engine bilge and gauge for graywat

Postby SkipperBill » Tue May 08, 2018 12:02 pm

I had the same problem on my 2014 Regal 28.
The bilge water problem at first ( I thought) was the out drive seals not sealing up correctly because it was in winter storage ( indoors) and the seals were dry. After a week they sealed up tight and no problems. The amount of water was minimal but still bothersome.

The next year I had the same issue, but this time it was the water strainer for the air conditioning. The top portion of the strainer popped loose on one side and a small continuous dribble was flowing out.

Check all your shutoff valves in the engine bay. You might want to shut them off when you leave the boat then check for leaks when you come back.

Next- the dual position waste/fresh water switch. I have the same problem too. Had it replaced twice and now it works for the waste level but not for the fresh water level. It’s Regals problem and cost to replace but still a minor pain in my neck.

Also the fuel float sensor failed due to faulty floats from Regals suppliers. It happened on my 28 and my 35SC- both were replaced by Regal at their expense.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Questions on water in engine bilge and gauge for graywat

Postby Chris_in_Texas » Tue May 08, 2018 1:01 pm

Fluid level sensors are always a pain. More in black water than any other, but I have had the same problem in fuel / fresh water and black water tanks. I haven't had grey water.

Depending on the technology used for the specific fluid really determines how long it will last. In a grey water tank it will have soap scum and other things that make it down the drain, which could easily mess up the sender. Personally I never used the black water gauge as its always off once the stuff gets all caught up in the float. (never use a float based sender in black water Regal!)

As for the wet bilge, both my 3060 and 35SC were wet bilges. I could never dry them out, there was always some level of water, because I was in fresh water I could never tell where it came from, but most likely was from rain water making its way into the bilge somewhere. There was also condensaition from the AC's that will the pans were plumbed to the sump boxes the cold air on the hull would cause condensation to form and collect. You could always see it on the outside of the boat. Regal uses part of the hull as an air plenum which caused this to happen during the summer and fall.
Thanks, Chris

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