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19 Surf

Postby cdm » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:29 pm

Looking for pros/cons for a 2018 19 Surf with the 240 HP Volvo V6 Forward Drive. New to boating but feel this would be plenty of boat to supplement our Tritoon on a large inland lake. Seems like the Surf Tabs are awesome without the Ballast, will the surf waves be big enough? Any words of wisdom form the forum of been there done that are welcomed.
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Re: 19 Surf

Postby spadelizard » Tue May 01, 2018 8:36 pm

Seems like a pretty good price right now.

For me, if I had to do it again, I do not think I would buy the surf model. I think I would have used that extra money to get a bigger motor or more options or...I dunno...it was a lot of money... maybe a bigger boat :) . If I went back in time and decided I wanted a boat that I could surf behind I think I would buy a boat meant for it. I am not saying anything negative and I love my 2300 Surf but I think I would have been happy with the 2300 or a surf boat.

Personally I don't think tabs will be enough but I have not been behind the 19. I had an 18' Stingray a long time ago that we added tabs. We used it for wakeboarding but it really didnt put off any real wake. You can always add ballast, be it people, gear or bags.
The weather is perfect to go out and test. I'm sure the dealer will have a board you can borrow and see for yourself.

Regarding the drive, I think this will depend on your lake. Deep or shallow? Water obstacles, branches, trees, rocks? The prop will be the first thing to hit something. Do you beach? Will you want to beach? You are not able to trim up as far on the fwd drive.
The pivot point is also different than a standard drive. Hauling a$$, she will stick and pull you into crazy tight turns. Like a tractor, it will pull you out of the water like a stump.
Slow speed turns are wide because of the change in pivot point. Sometimes I have to pay attention if im turning in a tight spot and spin the boat in place with using fwd and reverse instead of trying to make a circle.

Reading back over what I wrote, it sounds negative and I'm not trying to be. I promise. :)
Go drive a bunch of boats: fwd drive, standard drive, surf boat, ski boat, jet boat and pick the one that best fits your needs.
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