Toronto Boat Show 2018 ad Regal 42 Grande Coupe

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Toronto Boat Show 2018 ad Regal 42 Grande Coupe

Postby Lost Weekend » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:43 am

The Toronto Boat Show ended about a week ago. I only went on one day so i can't attest to the overall attendance. I did though go on the first Sunday and I was expecting huge crowds. My experience in the past is that on a Sunday it was much like trying to swim against a pod of salmon swimming upstream. I was surprised that although busy, the crowd was sparser than I recall. There were hardly any lineups to view larger vessels.

When I was at the show I had the opportunity to see and tour the new Regal 42 Grand Coupe. To be honest, while I like moving the galley up to the cockpit adjacent to the helm and the large atrium bringing light downstairs, I didn't like the general layout compared to the older or more traditional Regal layouts. In fact I think the use of space in our 3860 is superior to the space plan in the larger 42 Grande Coupe; especially in Northern waters where you likely spend more time inside the vessel than in Southern climates. I had the sense that there was less room below deck in the 42 Grande Coupe than below deck in our 3860. Has anyone else noticed that?
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Re: Toronto Boat Show 2018 ad Regal 42 Grande Coupe

Postby Kikaboo » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:02 pm

When the Regal 42GC first came out I was underwhelmed. However as time passed I have grown to like it more and more. Having said that I had another good look at the 42GC a few days ago at the NYC boat show. I also like the up galley kind of design. I like the boat but I am not I am not sure the price lines up with my expectations. While no boat is perfect there are other boats out there in the 40-42 range that are nice but cheaper (more or less) by 100k. I'm not in the market to step up from my 32 but I like to look anyway. If I were ever in a position to buy a 40-42 boat, the 42GC would by on the my list to consider but for that kind of doe I would look long an hard at everything out there from 40-46 feet including previously owned. That was not really the case when I bought my 32.... really could not find anything else for the money that compared in terms of size and layout etc.
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