Trip to NYC

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Trip to NYC

Postby zane » Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:23 pm


Looking for some info / advice
I'm planning to boat to NYC late August for a ~5 day trip.
Our current plan is to leave from the CT river in the Old Saybrook area and cruise to NYC through the sound.

It was recommended to me by a ROF member (Thank you!) to check out Liberty Landing marina (is that home port for you, rommer?) and that there is ferry access to the city. Should I be booking now?

Also, we were thinking of spending one night at a marina in coney island to take our son exploring - any recommendations there? Am I smarter to stay at Liberty Landing and travel by land?

Any recommendations on a backup port if Liberty is full?

Lastly, I *could* tow to the Hudson and come down that way, but what I've read is between currents and traffic, I'd have a more relaxing trip coming through the Sound. Advice?

Thanks in advance.
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